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A Miriam Homepage, my sister's.

Sammi Part

Welcome to the Sammi Part!
I have last worked on this Part on May 14th 1999.
This part is still not finished but I am trying to build it and add more stuff. But it's almost finished.

A little about Sammi:

Sammi is a very popular chinese
singer and she is 26 years old.
When she was 15 she entered a singing
contest. Her family didn't want her
to go but they didn't strongely not
want her to go because they didn't think
she would win. Suprisingly she came in
3rd place. The Capital Artists wanted
to have her to sing but she was not
finished school so they had to wait until
she finished school. It was when it was
1996 when Sammi started getting really
popular. Click here for more of Sammi's info.

What there is/what is updated:

There is not very much done on this part but the ones that are done/updated are: